Our Services

The Canopy Bookkeeping team are fully qualified and highly experienced in delivering all-round financial and accounting support. We are local leaders in audit and have a reputation in prepping businesses through the daunting re-assessment process. Our success and diverse menu of packages make us a one-stop shop for reliable accounting advice.

Canopy Bookkeeping Services will deliver services to any industry and size business. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader, small business owner, a mid-sized corporation, or a self-employed freelancer. Canopy Bookkeeping will assist you.

Canopy Bookkeeping clients come from all walks of life and we assist businesses from any industry. Our expertise however, has arisen from accounting in the medical and commercial real estate fields. Our portfolio of satisfied clientele are live testimonials of our success.

We offer comprehensive financial, tax and accounting services that cover a full suite of needs.


We are certain that Canopy Bookkeeping will be able to assist you. But so that you’re sure, we can offer you a free consultation. This is an opportunity to sit down and discuss your needs and the best way forward. If you’re happy we can provide you with a quote and continue to work with you.


Operational consulting is targeted to those with their own businesses. In particular, if you’re seeking to start a new business or embark on a new growth phase you will want some advice on operational strategies such as pricing or systems to put in place. We can also offer advice on cash flowing. It’s what we do and we do it whatever your size, need or budget. Let us help you shape the future of your business. Book an appointment with someone from our team today.


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is a department you can’t avoid but we know navigating national tax obligations are both confusing and a chore. It can also be a daunting job. Canopy Bookkeeping are experts in managing the taxes of small to medium firms. We will help you with tax planning and completion of tax returns for both corporations and personal tax returns. We are local leaders in audit so if you are being re-assessed by the CRA or are being audited, we help you ensure your paperwork and records are ready for the next assessment.


We can take bookkeeping and payroll services off your hands and ensure accurate and efficient control of your financial transactions. This can include billing for goods sold or services provided to your clients; recording receipts from customers; accounts payable; accounts receivable; paying suppliers; processing employees' pay; completing any government reporting; recording depreciation and other adjustments; financial reporting; Worksafe and GST/HST filing. If you want us to take care of these requirements or anything else, then get in touch.


Canopy Bookkeeping can deliver the high-level consulting services your firm may need such as assistance with the adoption of new standards or financial reporting implications facing expanding businesses in new and emerging markets. We have a diverse clientele and we have vast industry knowledge so our knowledge base is world-class for a local firm. Whatever your business is facing we’ll help assess the risks, challenges and opportunities. We’ll put your straight on various compliance and regulatory matters. We’re a fully qualified and highly experienced team with knowledge of many industries. But we’re especially leaders in the medical and commercial real estate field. Get in touch to find out how we will help you.